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About Us

Chris Just of Holiday Light Works has brightened holidays in his community for 15 years. Creative pursuits and artistic skills fueled his passion for design work. It all started in 1995, when Chris first became a holiday lighting specialist.

house lights That year, a friend's mother needed her Christmas tree lit for a party. The tree was too large and she hired Chris to help. Pleased with the results, she asked Chris to light the perimeter of her house. Using an exacting technique, he created a distinctive effect. The home owner was ecstatic, but unaware of the large effort behind it. The payoff came when guests arrived at the party with these first words to the hostess: "I love your lights, who did them?" Chris received unexpected phone calls for installation of lighting displays at new homes. He did 15 homes the first year and removed lights for 30 home owners who desired help after the New Year. More word of mouth referrals followed the next year and that cycle has continued.

Chris is an artist who started his creative work during college. His main specialties are in sculpture, ceramics and particularly, in lighting design. His other design facets include contemporary interior, exterior, furniture design, landscape design, contemporary furniture and fixture design, and general outdoor lighting. Having acquired interests in botany from his father, Chris collects various plants including orchids, bromeliads, succulents and plumerias. He actively innovates lighting concepts with new techniques, materials and designs. This broad artistic range gives Chris a large base of design intuition to call on for creating lighting displays.

When asked why he loves what he does, Chris responded "To be able to apply my creativity and have people, young and old, stand back with a smile after viewing my work. Knowing I brought joy to their lives, is a great achievement for me."

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